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Artist statement of 'a rhythm, 2019'

A rhythm, Oil on canvas, 87*101 (cm), 2019

I depict organic and bodily forms based on my health anxiety disorder, hypochondria. Constant physical discomfort reminds me of the symptoms I have. Especially laser eye surgery in 2014 and a near-death experience in 2018 enhanced fear about the health of my body. My obsession with protecting the body and staying healthy leads me to have a curiosity about my inner body, which I represent as winding curves in most of my works. Even though the works are derived from the worry about my health, I use light and soft colors and make non-figurative images instead of making them realistic, like anatomical imagery. In this work, I used a curved edge canvas to give a sense of bodily form. Also, I used Korean watercolors and traditional brushes on the initial layer, which helps to create upward and down flowing marks.


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