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Making connected painting

It was uncomfortable to painting on polyester because the material was way too soft, and the oil dried very fast. Suddenly I wanted to tear up the fascinating colour work because I was stuck and could not find a way to develop it. So, I gently divided it into two pieces. For the one, I put it together with a new oval work vertically. For the other, I drew three hearts by using 'passionate red colour' which I named by mixing two colours; Scarlet Lake and Opera. Then, I sewed the oval painting and polyester one together, made them connected. That was my first try to do collage in the painting area.

At the time, I was painting on a wood board that was easy to glide. I made a connection between the two paintings(one painting on polyester and one painting on board). That's when I was interested in painting without stretcher bars, so that I added a new cotton canvas next to the connected painting to make it larger.

In other words, my painting was growing, like cell division. The way I make this work is relevant to my research topic as well. While I painted, I kept depicting red heart symbols and figures like jewelry or eye. I think it is because of my obsession with staying healthy led to having a curiosity about my body. Although my painting shows organic and bodily forms in some way, I would like to use light and soft colours, since I feel the catharsis of using them - I have to figure out why I feel this way, I assume that it is one of the most crucial parts of my works. 



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