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**Unit 2** Why Am I Obsessed With EYE?

This work may be concerned with my unconscious ideas with eyes.

There are four things I have found about this, one is my childhood memories. It Influences me a lot in terms of making habitual forms. For example, making eyeballs that have come from my study of Japanese animation girl characters when I was a child. Although I have watched a lot of Japanimation until now, I watch no more magical girl transformations which I used to enjoy. The second thing is my automatic gestural marks. Most of the time I don’t catch or understand what I make, but my hand keeps moving and ends up making flowing forms.

Third of all, I like the composition of the eyes. I didn't regard eyes as something functioning that we can see through the world. I was just attracted by the composition of a girl character’s eyes. Pupil, colorful iris, and the highlight of the eye are still so beautiful, specifically, I like the contrast between the color of those three elements.

Lastly, After a conversation with a friend, I realized that these eyes could be the way how the world sees me. I behave very unnaturally, for example, walking like a robot because I imagine people who don't know me look at me and think about me, although it’s not true. When unusual things happen, I think it is a prank show, imagining someone might record me how I react.

If I had painted different forms, I wouldn't have investigated my thoughts about the eyes. However, I made the painting that is literally showing eyeballs. So I think about deeply why I depict them.


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