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The role of unconscious

Frank Bowling


Collecting idea for reference from Sawyer, R.K. (2000). Improvisation and the Creative Process: Dewey, Collingwood, and the Aesthetics of Spontaneity.The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 58(2), pp.149–161.


Fiona Rae



Magritte's drawing


Georgiana Houghton


My memo in June

I am confused with defining things and fixing meaning.

What I want is just to find out the key issue of my works. But I tend to find and fix things. For example, I tend to verify whether my idea and painting match or not.

What if I embrace the ambiguity? Maybe it can be the way I make but also the way people look at the works. I agree that the process of my painting depends on each moment I paint- also depending on my emotion- so it is so true they seem alive. I feel they are breathing by itself with me. In this way, <Role of Chance> could be one of the keys.

Looking up the motivation and starting point of mine is helpful to think of the key.

<Cecily Brown- Take no Prisoners>

"I trust the role of chance. It is always boring to me to work out composition before I start painting. I just paint. "


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