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Peter doig - Michael Werner gallery

I went to Michael Werner gallery on 2nd November to view Peter Doig's recent works. I did know that he was a painter of canoe and brilliant landscape. However, as soon as I arrived at the gallery, I was questioning whether his exhibition was about his works. I had not seen yet his new paintings which was showing his new neighborhood, Trinidad. I might have had particular thoughts to his works; every works should be linked to his canoe paintings! The first thing I found was 'dispersion on linen'. I didn't even know what does that meant. I was wondering why he mainly used the material. From my point of view, the colour palette he used was pale and glassy. I think the reason why things look like that was he frequently painted on linen with transparent binder and mixed some oil colours with white so that paintings could be oneiric.

The other thing I admired in his paintings was that they might have each story; Women lying down on the sand, bright moons, ghostly people. Also, Horizons in his paintings make me think of endless and enormous lands. I think he was somehow obsessed with occurrence when nights. I would say that his works are fascinating because they are realistic yet unrealistic so that beholders could imagine narratives. That's why he gained popularity and was generally to be appreciated. For me, I would like to make the imagery more unrealistic, surrealistic. So, viewing his works steadily would be helpful to feel the otherworld. . Even though imageries we paint are different, his works are useful to enhance my eyes and refer.


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