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Maybe new ideas

The Pleasant Memories, Mixed Media, 2019

This work is concerned with my ideas with a Korean traditional painting, called ‘MongYooDoWonDo(몽유도원도)’by An Gyeon(안견). Imagining and expressing a dreamy atmosphere, I made two types of three-dimensional paintings. I used polyester that flows off a bit from inside, to reinforce the dream-like image. The flowing marks of these paintings seem to speak to the mountain range of MongYooDoWonDo.

In terms of installation, the work has to be slightly away from the wall or hung like a mobile in order to sway by wind; It can be hung in two different directions. MongYooDoWonDo is based on the imagination of utopia that is a blurry and unreal dream place. With respect to this, my work is revealing unfixed and changeable characters of the place by being moved.

A Plastic Body, Oil on canvas and board, 2019

The pink board in the middle of the painting is a plastic that we can buy any stationery or art supply shop. The Artist used this for making a plastic style of human organs. The situation that the human body is painted on the plastic board is ironic and enigmatic. People produce tons of plastic to live more conveniently. However, the plastics are divided into tiny pieces in the sea, then they become microplastics and eventually flow into our bodies. I want audiences to think about what the pink painting implies in terms of environmental issues or any other things. I focused on the fact that the human organ was painted on the plastic board. It is ironic that the body was recreated on the plastic. Plastics that we used became microplastic in the sea and flew into our bodies while drinking water or eating seafood. I thought that these results of producing and using tons of plastic have effects on the body and become a part of the inner body.


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