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The end of term 1

To be honest, I cannot define my theme and this work by particular words. But basically, this is a reflection of myself. I was going to make abstract paintings that were a series of my undergraduate degree show work. My previous works have come from my earthquake experience in Tokyo last year but implying inner body and winding forms at the same time. I came across that I had hypochondria since I kept depicting figures like organs and hypochondria is a type of fear. However, I’ve been questioning myself afterward whether I truly want to paint those kinds of things and present them to audiences. Making this work was more about the pleasure of layering, colouring, and painting randomly rather than fear and anxiety. I feel like I am far away from the expression of fear. I don't even know where I am standing between anxiety and pleasure.

Throughout all of the experiments for 3 months, pinkish and soft colors are frequently found in my paintings after I got to the UK, which I have never seen in my works before. Since coming to London I have had more freedom, and being able to focus on myself. It has been easier to express myself more naturally than when I was in Korea. In this way, a large part of this work has come from my unconscious mind. Even though they are explained as my unconscious mind at the moment, I'll develop my thought process and find out my interests and what I genuinely want to depict in the next step.

So, this work is, I would say, a combination of my painting experiments of unit 1. Because I tried to do many new things such as painting on raw canvas, polyester, linen, wood board, etc. I even sewed canvases to connect the pieces. Also, this is the largest scaled work during my painting life so far.


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