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Fiona Rae - intuitive painting (note taking)

She produces a painting that looks nothing but anything that comes before it.

Her essential immense question is 'what is painting? how can it be made?'

Each gathers the results of so many traces of painting decision and experiments-> replying to her questions.

-> she enables her paintings to offer it's our specific reply to her questions

-> each painting distinguish itself by generating each special emotions

She never directs our viewing dealing as what is the mont in the picture -> helping us to gain a steady and unanalysis attention on her portion is not her primary takes as a painter

= a few mark press for our initial attention

each suggests a slice of imagines vast painting

fraction rather than a whole

She simultaneously pushes the boundaries of painting itself

she begins with an underlying layer of paint which sets the tone of the painting

" Rae enables each painting to support a host of opposing forces which finally coalesce into a stunning, suspended balance with literally and conceptually "

" She balances the dead, the seriousness of abstract expressionist with the sheer with of an overwhelmed, startled panda "


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