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Fiona Rae - Tate Britain

As my big painting has been done, I have been wondering where I am standing between 'just painting' and 'fear/anxiety'. Do I paint based on pleasure ? or the fear? I cannot answer this question. What I found during unit 1 was that I enjoy making artwork - regardless of media. I came across a painting of Fiona Rae, who was one of the Young British Artists at Tate Britain. Her art was attractive to me, so I started to look up her interview. She said, "I use a lot of brushes. I just paint following by my brushstrokes."Since I wondered where I should stand in terms of 'art theme', her words helped me to push myself just to do. I think the reason why she paints small panda and cartooning is that she wants to be unique and imply her birth in Hong Kong.


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